Pressure washing
Pressure washing
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Daily Janitorial Services

Bayside offers complete janitorial services for offices, retail stores, warehouses, and more, utilizing only green products and the latest techniques. We handle over 4 million square feet of stores per day so we can handle jobs no matter how big or small.

Our Process

These are just some of the services included in a daily janitorial service:

  • Trash pick-up and removal, replace all liners and clean trash receptacles
  • Fully dust-mop all tiled surfaces, followed by a complete wet-mop
  • Remove all shoe marks and smudges from flooring
  • Clean and dust all horizontal surfaces, including cabinets and shelves
  • Clean and dust all vertical surfaces, including light switches, doors, and door jambs
  • Clean and dust all window sills, ledges, and baseboards, paying special attention to corners
  • Fully vacuum all carpeted surfaces, spot treat all stains as they occur
  • Clean all break and lounge areas, including microwaves, sinks, and water fountains
  • Detail clean all fixtures, including sinks, toilets, and urinals
  • Refill all supply holders, including towels, toilet paper, and hand soap
  • Replace all urinal screens and scent dispenser units
  • Interior glass partitions/ walls cleaned using a squeegee to a streak free shine
  • Chairs wiped down and returned under desks



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