Pressure washing
Pressure washing
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Carpet Cleaning

At Bayside we offer a complete carpet care program featuring low moisture encapsulation products.  Our programs are designed to both maintain and restore your carpet, extending your carpets life by 30-50% and preventing costly repairs or replacement. Our systems work great on all carpet/ upholstery materials including wool and microfiber. Our products are environmentally responsible and hygienically safe for you and your pets. 

Our Process

  • Clear work area of all non-permanent furniture.
  • Pre-vacuum all carpeted surfaces.
  • Evaluate and pre-treat all stains, traffic lanes.
  • Remove all bubble gum, tar spots from carpet.
  • Pre-spray all carpet with encapsulation product.
  • Completely deep clean all carpeted surfaces paying special attention to stains and traffic lanes.
  • Post-vacuum if necessary.
  • Reevaluate all stains, treat if necessary.
  • Reposition all furniture to its original placement.
  • Post walkthrough with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Low Moisture vs. Steam Extraction

The average hot water extraction cleaner puts approximately 50-60 gallons or more of water into 1,000 sq. feet of carpet. The average extraction machine can only get 85% of that water out. That leaves 7-9 gallons of water in your carpets for every 1,000 sq. feet. That means an average size house could have almost 20 gallons of water left on your floors and in your carpet pad. Carpet can take over 6 hours to dry on the surface and this increases mold and mildew growth in your carpet pad.


Our program uses one gallon for the same 1,000 sq/ft of carpet without leaving water behind. These measures increase indoor air quality by reducing the risk for mold and spore travel, mildew, and chemical smells that can occur with other cleaning methods. There is no down time for our commercial clients. Clean/ dry carpet within 30 minutes gives you the ability to open on time and reduce slip related injuries as a result of wet carpets throughout the day.


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